personal self-development is important
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Why personal self-development is important in 2022

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The birds living on the trees in front of my house woke me up this morning with their chirpings. It is a regular occurrence but today’s own was very intense. I understand the language of the birds so I sat up on the bed to listen to them.

They were quarrelling with two other birds.

“We used to be classmates at the birdie school but you don’t want to associate with us again. You are proud! You are too proud!” They loudly accused two birds perching on another tree.

Personal self-development is important
White-rumped munia bird facing each other

“We are not proud! It’s just that we are no longer on the same level!” The two birds chirped back.

Insults and abuses filled the air and I closed my window and played some music to shut out the angry birds.

There’s a reason why people change their circle when they achieve success or move to a higher station in life.

While some do so out of pride, the majority change their circle because it is necessary to be in a group of people that you can flow with. Only a few people can flow with people regardless of their class and status.

That is why personal self-development is important.

As your classmates, colleagues and contemporaries are advancing and making progress, you should also endeavour to advance in your little way and field.

Imagine that you used to chase girls and drink with your classmate 10 years ago in school. Upon graduation, your classmate got a good job, advanced his education, maybe got an MBA and started a company.

You on the other hand have not acquired any new knowledge, skill or information since you left school. You are still thinking about how to get Idara the girl with the big buttocks into your bed and where to drink the tastiest brew/combine in town.

Your classmate might hang out with you for old times sake but he won’t be comfortable with you for long because while he is thinking about macroeconomic policies and probably how to scale his business, you are talking about how to trick Funmi into giving you her phone number.

While he is thinking about digital trends and how to harness them for profiting, you are inviting him to your prayer house for 7 days all night fasting to kill witches and wizards. Your conversations will be strained and soon enough he will start avoiding you.

Your classmate will stop hanging out with you and will rather look for people who share the same thought patterns and world view with him. If you were to be in his shoes, you will do the same thing but because your eyes are clouded by mediocrity, you will conclude that he is proud because he now has money, bitterness will set in and you will start thinking of how to pull him down. Many successful people have been killed because their friends couldn’t fit into their social circle any longer.

Personal self-development is important and you have to take it seriously. Don’t be on the same spot for years. Upgrade yourself. You can do that at no cost by Reading and acquiring new skills. The internet presents a huge network of opportunities for personal self-development that you can harness free of charge! Look beyond the fun and entertainment on the internet and learn things that will positively impact your life.

Life is all about value and people congregate to where they get value.

When you have value to offer, your successful friends/classmates will always want to keep you in their circle.

Personal self-development is important, it is not just a fad and if you commit to it, the year 2022 will be the best year of your life and you will scale new heights.

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