Why Nursing is The Best Course to Study in Nigeria

Why Nursing is The Best Course to Study in Nigeria

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By Dr Kelvin Alaneme

I have said this before. And I will keep saying it. In terms of value for money and time spent, Nursing is the best course to study in Nigeria.

Do you know why nursing is the best course to study in Nigeria? Do you know what you can do with a 3-year Nursing School RN certificate? A whole lot!

In the US, UK and Canada, Nurses are among the highest earners consistently.

Some nurses in the UK earn £50 per hour comfortably.

With your RN and after passing NCLEX, you can land a job in the US with Green Card. Like the job comes with US permanent residency! Not even doctors can do this.

With your RN, IELTS and CBT you can land a job with Tier 2 Visa Sponsorship in the UK as a Pre-Registration Nurse. You haven’t gotten NMC Pin No. But you already have a job with a Tier 2 Visa. Again, not even doctors can do this. They need to pass PLAB 2 (equivalent to the Nurses’ OSCE) before they can get a job in the UK.

Do you know many jobs in the UK give nurses relocation packages? Refund their exams and Visa fees as well as flight tickets? Some provide FREE accommodation for Nurses for the first few months! Again, doctors don’t even get this.

See, Nursing is gold. A 3-year school of Nursing education and an RN can transform your life.

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PS: We cannot all be Nurses o! Variety is the spice of life. But if anyone around you is studying Nursing, give them full support. Fund them if you can. We need these healthcare warriors.

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