why has the naira lost its value?
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Why has the Naira lost its value?

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I opened the tin of powdered milk.

It was empty.

My heart sank and I groaned, “Why does milk always finish before Milo?”

I sighed in resignation and pulled out the N1000 note from my pocket.

I mentally prepared to hit the long and deserted road to the Supermarket to buy a packet of Powdered Milk.

I took a long and hard look at the Naira note in my hand and a thought went through my mind.

“This money will finish as soon as you take it out to buy anything. Why has the naira lost its value? It has little purchasing power nowadays”

As I gazed at the crisp note in my hand, an eerie sound began playing in the room and my vision became blurry.

The objects in the room began moving.

They were shapeshifting.

The floor caved in and I fell yelling.

All went blank.

I found myself standing in front of two men in a large and expansive room.

The men sat at a glassy table sipping tea from two mugs with flowery patterns.

I recognized their faces, they were the men on the N1000 note!

Alhaji Aliyu Mai-Bornu and Dr Clement Isong.

Former Governors of the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Both of them had long died.

As soon they saw me, they stopped sipping their tea and stared at me in puzzlement.

“Young man, come closer, who are you and what do want here?” Dr Isong said to me.

“You are looking disoriented. What can we do for you?” Alhaji Bornu questioned.

I moved closer to them, “Good day Sirs, I don’t know how and why I am here. I was holding a N1000 note in my hands when suddenly everything changed and I found myself here. Your faces are on the 1000 Naira note” I said to them.

The two men smiled at each other and Dr Isong said enthusiastically to me, “We know. Two heads are better than one, how can we help you?”

“Sir, your note is the highest currency note in circulation but it has very little value, as soon as one changes it or uses it to buy just item, it finishes! Why has the naira lost its value?” I complained.

“It is because of the inflation in the economy” Dr Isong replied and continued, “What is the current inflation rate?”

“I think it is about 13.23%”

“That’s high! Who is handling the economy? The economy is not strong. Are you people still dependent on crude oil as the major source of foreign exchange?”

“Yes” I nodded.

“How much is a barrel of crude selling now?” Alh Bornu asked.

“$75 per barrel” I replied.

Silence enveloped the room.

The men stared at me for a minute and shook their heads.

They looked away from me and resumed sipping from their teacups.

The eerie sound sounded and all went blank.

I was back in my room holding the N1000 note in my hands.

I tossed the money aside, stood up and walked to the kitchen.

I prepared a cup of tea: hot water and beverage.

I drank the beverage without milk, together with some bread slices.

From the speakers of the home theatre system, Rapper M.i Abaga lamented,

“Money slow to enter

Money quick to go

Wey money dey go I don’t know….”

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