how to make money from the metaverse

Unwana Umana: How to make money from the Metaverse and utilize the opportunities that it offers

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Wondering how to make money from the metaverse? This piece introduces you to several ways you can utilize the financial opportunities that the metaverse offers.

I love the indication of a full-blown mainstream Metaverse.

For Gamers, Cinephiles, etc, the alternative universes have always been there. And we’ve honoured these universes with our time and sweat.

There are huge opportunity gaps associated with this Metaverse “gist”.  I apologise, I don’t want to settle on the entertainment part of this, which is what most corporations will sell to us.

Let’s focus on the financial possibilities of these alternative worlds coming to us. Let’s not think, these “new concepts” are for corporations alone, as part of their money-making schemes. Of course, they want to make money but these “new concepts” are for us, the people. So, before we just dive into the ideas of the Metaverse. It’s best we seek, learn and adapt to the tech frames and culture we have on the ground.

It’s never too late to begin a career that will lead you into becoming creative in tech or learn how to bring your skills into tech. This will help you make mo

If you are wondering how to make money in the metaphase, look at what you can do, and ask someone who knows, or google opportunities. You can also reach out to individuals like Tony, Francis, Hanson, Uduak, Mark Essien, Samuel Ogu, etc. These professionals are in Nigeria. They have structured paths on how you can find yourself in the tech space. They lead different organizations that have been tested and trusted. They have worked with global brands on imparting knowledge in different capacities. Even if they can’t help you directly, they can point you in the right direction.

You don’t have to be a science nerd/techy head to take charge of an opportunity in tech. Tech is for everyone, even for people like me.

I am no science nerd, I am just curious about life.

Choices exist for you to stick to learning about tools that can enhance your already-acquired skills or you can learn a new skill and how it can solve existing and futuristic problems. It’s all about problem-solving, and making someone laugh is also a problem solved.

Strange but true

Can I offer massages in exchange for money on the Metaverse?  Yes!

Can I make money as a doctor on the Metaverse? Yes

Dancer? Yes!

An HR Manager? Yes!

Caregiver? Yes!

Non-profit undertakings? Yes!

That’s the type of openings that can happen inside the Metaverse.

When the Metaverse becomes live and accessible to your community, take advantage. Money wasn’t made for corporations alone, it’s made for all of us.


At the moment, many creatives around the world are taking advantage of the NFT market. People thought art was dead but look at art becoming one of the biggest assets of the blockchain wrap.

These are a few movies and books that have pushed the Metaverse ideas and concepts. You can read and watch them. You can google for more books. There’s also an explainer video attached.

Please if you have more names of techie professionals who can help guide people into the tech space, please mention them in the comment section for others.

Finally, Facebook isn’t the only brand working on a Metaverse. Please check Google for more brands and companies working and already pushing out products.

Have a great weekend.

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How to make money from the Metaverse How to make money from the Metaverse How to make money from the Metaverse

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