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Searching for International relations at Tokyo 2020 Olympics

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I am saddened by the news. I feel let down by the organizers of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. They say athletes must adhere strictly to restrictions of contact and movements. They say we should not have sex. How can they place an embargo on sex throughout the Olympics? I am reconsidering my decision to compete in the games as an athlete. How would I stay in the games villages and not have “International relations”?

I am a track and field athlete, a fast runner. Usain Bolt bolt has got nothing on me. I aim to clock the fastest time in the world and win a gold medal for my country, Ethiopia. Winning a medal will call for celebration. I have been told by former Olympic athletes that celebrating a gold medal at the Olympics is done in several ways and one of the prominent ways is celebrating by having a roll in the hay.

At the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, athletes were encouraged to celebrate their medals by using condoms but Tokyo 2020 Olympics athletes have been warned not to celebrate with condoms but rather keep the condoms as souvenirs to take home with them. Tell me, how can you distribute 160,000 free condoms and expect them not to be used? This is why I am unhappy and wish I can stay back.

They say Covid-19 is the reason why these restrictions are in place and we must adhere to them. Oh, Covid why did you decide to meddle in this year’s Olympics? Ever since I started running as a kid, I have been dreaming of representing my country at the Olympics and having fun while at it. When I qualified to represent Ethiopia in the 100m race at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, I was overjoyed because I thought I was going to have the full Olympics experience.

The world has gone through a tough time since 2020 and right now tempers are frayed and the air is thick with tension of the possibility of a third world war. The Olympics provide the perfect opportunity for International relational relations to thrive and that is why we athletes must have “International relations” in the athlete village. This will bring peace and harmony, and calm down the tensions in the international space.

Yesterday, I read and saw the pictures of the beds provided for athletes. This makes me sadder. How can you construct a bed out of cardboard just to stop us from experiencing “international relations” at night time? Why do you want the bed to collapse when we climb and lie on it to make the world a beautiful place? It is so unfair!

But I can’t afford to miss the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, despite the rules I will be flying in with my country’s contingent to compete, win medals, celebrate in my unique way and make moves to achieve “international relations” that will bring peace and harmony to mankind.
Japan, they say is sunny and beautiful in the Summertime, so Tokyo here I come!

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