Justice for julia

This is why there must be Justice for Julia

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The song, Justice for Julia sounded in her head as she ran to the door, grabbed the handle, and turned it.

It was locked.

“Why did you lock the door? Open the door!” She shouted in fear, disbelief, and shock, her heartbeat racing like a sprinter on a race track.

“I told you to stop all this shakara and give me what I want. I locked the door because I knew you would want to run away!” He replied in a grim tone.

“Get me out of here!” Open the door!” Julia screamed.

“You are wasting your energy, this house is soundproof and nobody can hear you for miles. Now, get over here!” He ordered as he moved towards her.

She was no match for his imposing physique as she struggled to break free from his grasp. He pulled her to himself, lifted her up, and hurried into the bedroom.

Ekem was a family friend. A nice young man who visited her family often. He would sit in the living room and analyze politics and trending issues with her dad while her mom would serve him food. He was very friendly with her and her siblings, occasionally buying them gifts. He had even promised to use his contacts to help her secure admission into the university.

On that day, she had gone to visit a friend in another part of town and was returning home. While waiting for a bus by the roadside, Ekem drove past in his car and offered her a lift back home. Relieved that she was saving transport money, Julia happily accepted the lift. As they chatted about her academics, Ekem veered into a side street, announcing to Julia that he had forgotten his phone at home and wanted to pick it up before proceeding to drop her off.

“This is even a good opportunity for you to get to know my house!” He said to her with a smile.

He drove to his house and invited her inside.

“Wow! Uncle, your house is very fine” She exclaimed as she gazed around the expansive room.

Ekem began misbehaving, he started acting weirdly. He started making advances at her.

Shocked and surprised, Julia turned down his advances and asked to be taken home. But Ekem’s countenance had changed and the mean look in his eyes frightened her and told her that she had walked into trouble.

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Iniobong Leroi Umoh is a storyteller, a satirist and creative writer. He blurs the line between reality and fiction and seeks to create a connection with the reader through engaging content. His works have been featured across various online and offline platforms. He hopes to one day travel around the world on a luxury yacht, sipping expensive wine and documenting all his experiences in a journal. You can send him a mail at infoleric@gmail.com.

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