big brother naija housemates

These big brother naija housemates are too emotional!

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“These big brother Naija housemates are too emotional, they cry at every slightest thing and get angry at the smallest thing,” Edidiong said in exasperation to her husband, Imeh as they sat on the sofa in the living room.

Imeh looked up from his newspaper, “This show is a game, right? They are doing these things to get to you the viewers”

“No, I don’t think they do it deliberately. They are very vulnerable and weak and it’s so silly. I miss the lockdown housemates” Edidiong hissed.

Imeh shrugged his shoulder, “But you have been watching the big brother naija housemates right from the start of the show and have been talking excitedly about them. How come you dislike them now?”

“It is just annoying!”

“If they are not faking their emotions, then it is just a reflection of the society, a lot of young people have mental health issues. That is why the cases of suicide and murders have gone up!”

“I wish I was in the house with them, I would have whooped their asses!” Edidiong stated.

Imeh raised his eyebrows, “So if given an opportunity to take part in the show, you would take part in it?” He questioned.

“Yes, is there anything wrong with it?”

“Have you not seen the kind of erotic things they do there, especially during the truth or dare game? Would you as a married woman kiss a male housemate?” Imeh demanded.

“Calm down honey, you are too edgy, you know I can only take part in the show if you give me the permission to go”

“And I can’t give you such permission!”

“Not when 90 million naira involved! One of the current big brother naija housemates is a married woman and she said that her husband permitted her to take part!”

“I pity such a man, he is a softie! No wife of mine can take part in that show”

“You are so mean honey, it is just a show!”

“No, it is more than a show. Anyway, who do you want to see leave the house in the next eviction show?”

“Beatrice and Yousef, hopefully,” Edidiong replied.

“Good for you, let me go and read my newspaper in the bedroom” Imeh announced as he stood up from the sofa.

“You can’t even spare an hour to watch big brother naija with your wife, you are so unromantic!” Edidiong said in a feigned angry tone.

Imeh laughed as he walked out of the room.

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