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The story behind Sweet Fanta Diallo by Alpha Blondy

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Once upon a time, African reggae star, Alpha Blondy slunk into depression and was admitted as a psychiatric patient in an Ivorian psychiatric hospital.

While at the hospital, a very beautiful but mysterious nurse took care of him faithfully. Her name was Fanta Diallo. Curiously, every time she entered his ward nobody would be around the area.

When Alpha Blondy recovered and was discharged. He returned to the hospital to thank Fanta for taking care of him. He was shocked that nobody knew of her and he was informed that there was no record of any nurse named Fanta Diallo ever working at the hospital.

Alpha Blondy believed that she was an angel and decided to compose a song to thank her.

“Sweet Fanta Diallo” was released in 1987 and went on to become a hit reggae track across Africa.

Watch the evergreen Sweet Fanta Diallo video here courtesy of Alpha Blondy’s Youtube channel.

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