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The Story behind Guitar boy by Victor Uwaifo

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They call him the Guitar boy.

The boy with the incredible skills on the guitar.

Strumming the strings of his guitar, even the lame would stand up and dance when he played.

He would play in the village square, he would play in the city halls and people will gather to listen and dance to his tunes.

The guitar boy knew he was gifted.

He knew he was bigger than his current state.

He wanted to record a hit song, a song that will announce him to the world.

But every song he wrote was substandard.

Occasionally he would fall into depression.

One Saturday evening, he picked his guitar and headed to the beach.

The Bar beach in Lagos.

The beach was surprisingly deserted, not a single soul was in sight.

The beach was serene and peaceful, the leaves of the palm trees on the beach swayed gently as if dancing to an inaudible tune, the fading sun kissed the waters goodbye, leaving a golden glow on the water surface, evidence of an unending flirtatious relationship.

The Guitar boy walked to the edge of the water on the shoreline.

He sat on the wet sand and dug his feet into the water.

He began strumming his guitar, singing a sad song about his inability to record a hit song.

guitar boy


A strong breeze suddenly blew across the beach.

Ripples appeared on the water around the guitar boy, a gentle wave splattered on him, soaking his clothes.

The guitar boy played on undaunted, singing in a high tone.

A huge splash sounded behind him and a figure appeared, rising from the water.

“Guitar boy… guitar boy” The figure called out in a soft and melodious voice.

The Guitar boy turned around and stared at the figure.

Completely nude, light-complexioned glowing skin, a round face, thick eyelashes, blue eyes, long dark wavy hair, the figure was a young lady with well chiseled facial features.

She held a hand mirror in her right hand and a comb in her left hand, she was combing her hair and admiring her reflection in the mirror.

She was the prettiest woman the guitar boy had ever since in his life.

As he stared at her body, he recoiled in horror.

The lady had no legs!

From her waist region downwards was the body of a fish, complete with scales and a tail.

She was a mermaid!

The guitar boy opened his mouth to scream and run away but no sound came out.

He was rooted to the spot by an invisible force as goosebumps appeared all over his body.

“Guitar boy, my guitar boy, if you see mami water, never never you run away, never run away Victor Uwaifo,” the mami water said smiling.

“How did she know my name? Who is she? What is she doing here?” Thoughts raced through the mind of the Guitar boy like Usain Bolt on the 100m track.

“Don’t worry, I am not going to hurt you, I like you,” the mermaid said and continued, “I listened to your song and I really love the way you sing and play your guitar so I came out to see you. But unfortunately, I must go now, my mother sent me on an errand and she will get mad at me if I don’t return on time. I just want you to go and tell the people in your world that we exist in the water world.”

The mermaid swam around the guitar boy for two minutes and disappeared into the water.

The Guitar boy began breathing normally.

He took to his heels.

But no matter how long he talked about the paranormal encounter, nobody believed the guitar boy.

“Cock and bull story!” They would mock and laugh at him.

Two weeks later, the guitar boy returned to the beach on a Saturday evening. He waited for two hours hoping the mermaid will show up.

His wish was granted.

The mermaid showed up gain.

They chatted for an hour.

She warned him not to contact her again and said a final emotional goodbye to him and disappeared into the water.

The guitar boy walked home that night inspired. He was up all night writing lyrics of a new song, telling the story of his friendship with a mermaid.

Dissatisfied, he canceled four verses and decided to use just one verse for the song.

The next day he recorded the song in the studio.

He called the song “Guitar Boy”.

Guitar Boy by Victor Uwaifo was released and became a hit in West Africa, announcing Victor Uwaifo as a highlife musician of repute.

Here is a recorded version of Guitar boy by Victor Uwaifo courtesy of Shapelander

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