big brother naija wildcards

The secret conversation between the Big Brother Naija wildcards revealed!

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Maria waited at the back of the garden in the big brother naija house. The time was 2am and the rest of the housemates were fast asleep with the cameras focused on them.
Pere tiptoed out of the room and sneaked into the garden where Maria was.

“You are here!” Maria said.

“Yeah, let’s be quick before they catch us or before Kayode focuses his camera on us” Pere whispered.

“So we are the big brother naija wildcards in this house and our housemates don’t even know, it is so funny,” Maria said giggling.

“I swear! Sometimes, I feel like bursting into laughter but I have to hold myself back before I let the cat out of the bag!” Pere exclaimed.

“I keep living a lie. Do you think they will be able to find out? They still got till Sunday to identify the two big brother naija wildcards” Maria questioned.

“Most of them think Beatrice and Yousef are the wildcards” Pere stated, and continued, “We need to keep reinforcing that impression so that they would give the wrong answer to Biggie and we would then qualify to play the game as real housemates.”

Both of them fell silent for a while and then Pere suddenly dragged Maria away.

“Hide! I hear footsteps!” He whispered.

Both of them lay flat on the ground, squeezing themselves at the corner of a giant flower pot.

Heavy footsteps sounded to and fro and soon ceased.

“I think I should go home, I may not be able to keep living like this with the cameras 24/7 in my face all the time,” Maria complained.

“I like it here, I hope to stay here till the last day of competition” Pere stated and continued, “I even like some of the housemates”

Maria cut in, “Are you not the resident hunk? It is not a surprise that you want to stay here with all the beautiful girls”
Pere laughed out loud!

“Omg! Keep quiet! You are about to wake all of them up and they will start putting two and two together and identify us as the big brother naija wildcards!” Maria hushed Pere.

“Are you in love with Whitemoney?” Pere quickly asked.

“Why are you asking?” Maria inquired.

“You have struck an alliance with him recently and the look in your eyes anytime you two have a chat shows that you are falling for him,” Pere said with a knowing smile.

“Jeez! Whitemoney is just a friend, I just like his personality, that’s all. I know you are jealous” Maria said winking.

“Jealous? Why?”

“Because you have been hitting on me right from when I got into this house, you are in love with me.” Maria declared.

Pere was speechless for a while and then replied, “How did you know?”

“Because I am a woman and we know these things”

Pere smiled.

They sat in silence for a while.

Maria broke the silence, “We were supposed to talk about our strategy for staying under the radar till the weekend is over but here are we, discussing something else!”

A chilly breeze suddenly blew and Maria shivered.

“It looks like it is going to rain,” Pere said, gazing upwards at the sky.

“Let’s go inside the house,” Maria said.

As they stood up to leave, a deep voice sounded behind them.
Maria and Pere! Report to the Diary room now!

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