Gloria and Aniekan #Glan21

Watch the moment a groom sang to his bride at their wedding reception

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It was a surprise moment at the wedding reception of Gloria And Aniekan.

#GLAN21, the classy wedding event was in full swing.

Guests from across Nigeria were seated, sharing in the joy of the young couple.

The Mc suddenly announced a presentation and walked to Aniekan, the Groom, and handed the microphone to him.

Aniekan stood up and collected the microphone.

“What does he want to say?” The bride and guests wondered to themselves.

Soft notes from a keyboard sounded and Aniekan began singing to his bride.

A solemn tune of love and commitment.

A song from his heart.

Like a bridge across troubled waters, he vowed to be with her till eternity.

As he sang, he held the hall spellbound.

The couple swayed side by side to the rhythm of the music.

Tears of joy welled in the eyes of Gloria.

The guests wiped tears from their eyes.

A lot of ‘awws’ filled the hall.

“This is true love” The guests whispered to each other.

“God When!”, “Wey una dey see this love?” Singles in the hall asked rhetorically.

#GLAN21 was a story of true love.

Happy Married life Gloria and Aniekan!


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