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It is Valentine’s day and a lot of people seem to have caught the love bug and are fawning over their lovers and love interests. Gifts are meant to be exchanged on a day like this. A gift is a symbolic gesture. So what better gift(s) to give to your lover, friend and family member than Cryptocurrencies of love?

Does your lover/partner act kingly, walk regally? Act royally? Are they devoted and bonded to you? If the answer to all of these is Yes, then you should buy Bitcoin for them. Bitcoin is the king of the Crypto space and it is the most expensive cryptocurrency. Anything that affects Bitcoin’s stability affects all other Cryptos, so send some bitcoins to your royal lover.

Is your partner a sophisticated individual with high taste? Do they speak Queen’s English? Buy Ethereum for them. Ethereum with its high gas fees will suit them perfectly and put a smile on their faces.

Is your lover a fixer who fixes all issues and problems? Are they the kind of person that you can call upon at all times and they will always be there to resolve whatever issue there is? If your answer is Yes, then get Tether (Usdt), Usdc or Busd for them. Tether is always available to aid your cryptocurrency trading activities, so send them the crypto dollars to show your appreciation for their usefulness in your life.
Your lover is a dreamer, an individual with multiple fantasies, right? Buy Sandbox, Axie infinity, Mana and any of the NFT tokens for them and raise their expectations for a life of fantasy.

Send off a gift pack of Binance Coin (BNB) to your sensitive, stubborn and hot-tempered lover and watch them melt in gratitude for your thoughtful valentine gift.
Your playful and very carefree lover deserves a valentine gift from you. Send him or her some Shiba Inu, Dogecoin and any of the meme coins that you can lay your hands on today. Do this and get ready to laugh your hearts out as the humour level of your partner will triple automatically immediately the coin hits their wallets.

cryptocurrencies of love
Love coin

If you are not sure about the commitment level of your partner, send him or her some XRP, Cardano and Terra. Their reaction will let you know how they stand with you.

Is your lover a showy person who talks a lot? Consider gifting them any coin or token associated with Elon Musk. Do your research and you will see a lot of options to choose from. Note, when you gift them these cryptos they will become more showy.

This is not an exhaustive list because there are thousands of cryptocurrencies of love in the market that you can gift to that special person this valentine, to show them how much you care. So take action and remember to share the news of their reactions with us.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


Iniobong Leroi Umoh is a storyteller, a satirist and creative writer. He blurs the line between reality and fiction and seeks to create a connection with the reader through engaging content. His works have been featured across various online and offline platforms. He hopes to one day travel around the world on a luxury yacht, sipping expensive wine and documenting all his experiences in a journal. You can send him a mail at

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