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See what Broda Shaggy did to Mr Macaroni on a freaky friday

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It was meant to be a great day for Mr Macaroni.

A day of relaxation and fun.

Mummy Wa had gone to the village to attend a wedding.

His daughter Motunde had travelled to Aba to buy some materials for her Okrika business.

Mr Macaroni was all alone in the house and had plans for the Friday.

It was going to be a very freaky Friday.

He had been chasing the Ultimate Freaky Freaky for about two months.

She had finally accepted to meet him.

This freaky freaky….

Her backside is as wide as the Lagos-Ibadan expressway.

Her front side is as big as the Maracana stadium.

Mr Macaroni was overjoyed, he was going to have the time of his life.

He had booked a luxury short let apartment in Lekki.

He made a phone call to freaky freaky and she informed him that she was on her way to the rendezvous.

Mr Macaroni started dancing, twisting his body like a snake and catwalking backwards.

He ran to the bathroom to have a quick bath.

The front door of the house was unlocked.

As Mr Macaroni was singing songs of joy in the bathroom, the door of the living room opened and a thug sneaked into the house.

He closed the door slowly and tiptoed inside the house.

His name is Broda Shaggy.

Last week, Broda Shaggy had gone to meet one Baba at Ikorodu.

He lamented about his poverty and requested a charm that will make him rich.

The baba told him that he would prepare a charm for him.

On the condition that he needs to get the dress of a rich man, put it on and run to the shrine.

And then, the charm will become effective.

All the money of the rich man will be spiritually transferred to his account.

Broda Shaggy said he would do it.

He would steal Mr Macaroni’s dress because he was the only rich man he knows.

He has heard how he dashes 300 thousand and 500 thousand to different freaky freakies in Lagos.

Broda Shaggy has been plotting to steal Mr Macoroni’s maroon agbada without success.

But the perfect opportunity and day had come.

So Broda Shaggy sneaked into the bedroom.

He reached out and picked the maroon coloured agbada lying on the bed.

He removed his camouflage shorts and quickly wore the dress.

He tiptoed out of the house.

“You are doing well!” Mr Macaroni said to himself as he danced out of the bathroom.

He walked into the bedroom and stood still in shock.

His trademark agbada was missing.

“Who took my dress?” he shouted.

He picked up the short on the bed without even looking at it and put it on.


He ran out of the house bare-bodied.

Broda shaggy was walking happily to meet the Babalawo.

“Stop there! Ole! What are you doing with my dress? Are you normalllll!!?” Mr Macoroni shouted as he caught up with broda Shaggy.

mr macaroni

“And why are you wearing my short? Are you normallll!” Broda shaggy retorted and broke into a run.

Mr Macaroni chased him and…


They both burst into laughter.

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