Peter Obi and wife

A conversation with Peter Obi and Margaret Obi

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“Your outfit for tomorrow is ready, the tailor brought it in this evening. It’s a blue Senator attire” Margaret Obi announced to her husband as she set the tray of mixed fruits on the side stool before him in the living room.

Peter Obi turned away from the Television, “Okay, but why blue colour? You know I always wear black”

“That is why you need to change, I have been talking to you about the need to combine different colours and be more fashionable” Margaret replied.

“I don’t have time for fashion biko, I have so much work to do!”

“Have you heard that some of your opponents are saying that you wear black dresses because you belong to a cult” She replied and both of them burst into laughter.

“That’s very funny, I will address that allegation in my next interview,” Obi said munching on two slices of cucumber.

“No, you don’t have to, allow the Obidents to handle them. You know your people are everywhere now”

“True, but I wish some of them would calm down a bit…but they are our structure. We have to win this election. We can’t afford to disappoint them, Nigeria must change for the better”

“We are calm sir, we are good obidients” Margaret replied with a cheeky smile.

The couple ate the fruits in silence while watching the News on the television.

“So Tinubu visited Obasanjo today, I wonder what they discussed,” Margaret thought out loud.

“This is the season of consultations and Tinubu is doing the same thing I am doing but I know baba Obj is my person and we have his support”

“Don’t be too sure o, you know how you politicians behave” Margaret said with a wink.

“I am different” Obi stated.

“But you are no longer in Apga and Pdp…”

Peter Obi cut in, “You know why I left those places, my principled stance on issues made me leave.”

“I was just pulling your legs jor,” Margaret replied and continued, “Yusuf called two hours ago. He said you two were supposed to meet with the committee on restructuring”

“Yes, my phone went off and even the power bank too. I gave it to Uche to charge for me. There was no light where I was. We have to solve this light issue in this country! Look at the number of megawatts that Egypt and South Africa generates. Why can’t we do same in this country?”

Footsteps sounded.

An aide breezed into the room waving a phone.

“Sorry for interrupting Sir, Atiku Abubakar wants to speak with you!”

*To be continued*

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