NFT for photographers: How to mint sell and make money

Mayor Otu: NFT for photographers – How to mint, sell and make money as a Photographer

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What do you know about NFT for photographers? Are you wondering how to mint, sell and make money as a Photographer?

First thing first, what is NFT?

NFT simply mean Non Fungible tokens. This technology allows you to sell your imagery as limited edition digital art.

So many digital artists have sold their digital art with this technology.

Over the years, photographers relied on selling prints. And with print, the photographer gets to decide the scarcity by deciding on the number of prints you’re making. E.g 1/1 or 2/20 etc, you will add a certificate of authenticity to be a proof that your print is original.

The problem with photography (print) is, your images can be copied, duplicated, screenshot, shared online but this is where NFT stands out.

None of these is possible with NFT.

So many Photographers have jumped on this mode of selling their art.

I will like to mention Kate Woodman.

She created an NTF, “Always Coca Cola” and sold it for 11.888 ETH, that’s $22,415.18.

NFT for photographers: How to mint sell and make money as a Photographer

You will agree with me that’s a lot of money.

The following are other Photographers that have joined and made sales of the NFT.

Bella Kotak.

Lilian Liu

Kelly Robitaille

Tina Eisen

Flora Borsi

Saint Hoodman

Lindsay Adler

What are the steps involved in creating your own NFT?

To mint and sell your first NFT, consider the following:

Research on NFT.

Like in every other thing in life, you need to get knowledge about a thing to be able to utilize it fully.

Like your camera gear, you did research before deciding on which brand to buy.

Do the same here.

  1. Create an account with Coinbase.
  2. Buy Ethereum on coinbase.
  3. Setup a wallet. E.g Metamask
  4. Transfer your money to your wallet. From coinbase to Metamask wallet.
  5. Choose your marketplace e.g foundation, makersplace, superRare, OpenSea etc.

Do your research and choose the marketplace that works for you.

  1. Connect wallet.
  2. Mint and pay the Gas fee.

9. List and pay 2nd Gas fee.

10. Promote on social media. (Twitter)

What is Gas Fee: Let’s say it’s the administrative fee you pay to mint, burn and list your NFT.

As the photographer, you need to:

Select your artwork

Choose your platform

Select your edition/scarcity.

Choose a reserve bid.

Mint your artwork.


Finally, as you set out to start your journey as an NFT artist, keep these in mind:

  1. Artists statement.
  2. Have a story with your work.
  3. Be Different.
  4. Market yourself.
  5. Share other people’s digital art.


I wish you all the best.

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