let it rain
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Lord, let it rain!

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It’s a huge crowd in here.

There’s a commotion here.

Several voices are making requests.

All are requesting rain.

Rain of abundance, rain of peace, healing, love, joy…

“Let it rain!”

Yes, let it rain Lord because here we are standing in your presence, appearing before you as you’ve commanded.
You have to listen to us because you said in your word that in your presence there is fullness of joy and at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

It is dark in here but we can make out the outline of a thick and tall wall shaped like a dam.

It is stopping the water from flowing to us.

Wait! What’s the sound?

It is the sound of thunder rumbling.

There’s a deep thirst here, our tongues are dry and our throats are parched.

We need the rain, we implore you to,

“Open the floodgates in abundance and cause your rain to fall on me!”

I don’t mind getting wet from the rain, I don’t mind getting soaked from my head to my toe.

Can you hear us, God?

Are you there Lord?

Can you see me, Jesus?

What’s that sound?

Is that the sound of the door shutting against us? Can you hear the bolts being fastened?

He won’t listen to us?

But the rain must fall on us because we are persistent and won’t take No for an answer.

Let’s gather some heavy tools and break down the wall that is damming the floodgates.

You! Get a sledgehammer!

Someone bring that heavy rod! Let’s break this wall.

The kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent take it by force!

We’ve gotten the tools, good! Let’s hit the wall.

1, 2,3, go!


Again, let’s break down this wall!


Gosh! Sweat is dripping all over our bodies.

This wall is damn hard and unflinching.

What other tool can we use?




Let’s appeal to Him.

“Baba, open the floodgates in abundance and cause your rain to fall on me!”

He had said in His word that He will open the windows of heaven and pour us a rain of blessing that there will not be enough room in our houses to contain it.

We believe in Him and His word, so let’s wait for the right time for His word to be fulfilled.

Surely, the rain of abundance will fall on us.

Ah, the darkness here is giving way to light that is streaking in.

Can you hear the sound of the bolts being unfastened?

We can see clearly now, the walls are crumbling.

It is drizzling already and the thunder is rumbling…

That’s the sound of rain!

Oh, it’s gonna be an overflow!

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