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Humans of Europe: The United Kingdom is a pretentious lady!

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The thing about the United Kingdom is that you hate the fact that you love her despite her many flaws.
You hate the fact that you speak and write in her language.
The UK is a pretentious and stiff lady who has been around for uncountable years.
She has lived a life of privilege.
The United Kingdom has been a leader right from childhood.
One night she had a dream of conquering and ruling the world.
The next morning she set out to achieve that dream.
She joined the army and began a career as a soldier and diplomat.
UK was very focused on her task as she began travelling to other parts of the world to conquer and rule.
She deployed many tactics to achieve her goal.
She used force, religion, trade and commerce to expand her empire and conquer many territories.
She almost succeeded in taking over all the world.
The Uk is a very intelligent lady, she is an orator. She can charm you into doing whatever she says.
She makes you believe that she is the best thing since sliced bread.
Every weekend she goes to her football stadiums to play her league matches.
You watch her on TV, support and cheer on from your corner of the world.
The Uk is a wealthy lady, she has deployed all the resources of her conquered territories to herself.
She gives them the illusion of independence while she stays behind the scene controlling their resources.
UK will open her doors to you with a smile if you have money to spend. She will hold you in a stranglehold.
She makes you pay taxes for everything, including the air you breath.
The Uk is a cold, accomplished, yet unsatisfied woman yearning for more adventure.

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