how to win free bitcoins from using your phone

How to win free Bitcoins from using your phone

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We all love bitcoins, bitcoins can make you rich and enable you to live your dream life. There are several ways you can get bitcoins. If you are wondering how to win free bitcoins from using your phone, then this piece is for you.

One of the ways to win free bitcoins is to play the Rolling game on the Free Bitcoin website.

Go to Free Bitcoins

Create an Account.

Details required: Email address, password and referrer(optional).

how to win free bitcoins

Check the “I am human” box and click the Sign Up box and your account will be created.

Verify your account by clicking on the link that will be sent to your email address.

Login with your details.

Alternatively, download the Freebitcoin app from Playstore or Appstore.

On the homepage, scroll downwards till you get to the Roll button.

how to win free bitcoins

Tick the “I am human” box.

Select the right images in the Captcha verification section.

Click on Roll.

Your scores will be updated and your bitcoin earning will be displayed on top of the page.

Always return every 60 minutes to roll for free.

The more you roll, the more you earn.

There are several things you can do to earn big.

You can Multiply your bitcoin

Play the Lottery and be one of the Jackpot winners

Earn Reward points

Refer friends and earn commissions

Earn compounded interest on the bitcoins stored in your wallet.

Spin the Wheels of fortune and instantly win multiple prizes ranging from iPhones, Rolex watches, thousands of bitcoins, lottery tickets, a Lamborghini, Amazon gift certificates, gadgets, etc.

how to win free bitcoins from using your phone how to win free bitcoins from using your phone how to win free bitcoins from using your phone


How to withdraw your Bitcoins

When you reach a threshold, if you had not added a bitcoin wallet address to your profile for withdrawal, you will be prompted to do so and your earnings will be sent to the wallet.

how to win free bitcoins

There’s so much more you can do on this Platform.

But first of all, Sign Up via this link

Login and start earning free bitcoins every 60 minutes!

There, you have it! This is how to win free bitcoins!



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