National Book Clubs and Reading Promoters Conference

How to register for the National Book Clubs Conference, Uyo 2021

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* The 1st ever National Book Clubs and Reading Promoters Conference comes up in Uyo this month, between 16th – 17th September, 2021.
* It would be hosted at the rated Watbridge Hotels&Suites, opp Ibom Hall, IBB Way, Uyo. The hotel is reputed for its innovative services and facilities including a Guest Library.
* It will feature eminent writers, scholars, and guest speakers drawn across the globe with a strong line up of side attractions, shows, events and interfaces.
*The Book Fiesta will feature reviews, keynote speeches, tours, presentations by various clubs, spoken word, festschrifts, drama, cultural variety, Mbuk Nnyin – Our Stories, local delicacies.
* It will be historic as it would be the maiden Book Clubs Conference in Nigeria ever and Uyo would be declared the nation’s Book Reading Capital during the Fiesta, a rare honour not done any Nigerian city before.
* The 2-day festival of books will also include visits to some historic sites in the state and will be joined via Zoom by thousands across the globe.
* The Opening Ceremony will be chaired by Chief Assam Assam, SAN, Nigeria’s former Ambassador to Russia while Prof. Felicia Etim, University Librarian, Federal University, Otuoke will be the Keynote Speaker.
* A Book Village where vendors and exhibitionists will display varieties of books will also be an interesting side act during the conference.
This Conference is brought to you by the Uyo Book Club.
You can be a part of the history by registering to be a delegate at the conference via the link below:

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