marry a pastor's daughter

How to marry a Pastor’s Daughter

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Pastor’s daughters are some of the most beautiful women in the world. Their beauty is so captivating and would make a man want to sin. However, because of the high standards expected of them, they are out of bounds but this only increases their appeal and desirability. Marrying a pastor’s daughter will give you peace of mind and offer you spiritual coverage as her husband. She will raise your kids with the fear of the lord.

If you want to marry a pastor’s daughter, you need to attract their attention first of all. You have to be Spiritual as these fine ladies are not attracted to carnal men. But we all know that you are a carnal man who cannot even quote one verse of the Bible and the last time you prayed was five years ago. Don’t despair, you can become spiritual in a few steps.

Start by attending church regularly. It will pay you off if you attend the same church she goes to or the one that her father is pastoring. Become an active member and join all the service units in the church. Become an overactive church worker and showcase yourself all the time. Always ensure that you are the first person to give testimony in each service and let your testimony be so elaborate and loud that people will doubt the veracity of the testimony. Remember the more outrageous or ridiculous the testimony, the more you gain her attention.

Ensure that when worship songs are being sung, you go down on your knees, close your eyes and stretch your arms and shed tears as you worship. This will make her notice you and give a very positive impression of your devotion to God.

To marry a pastor’s daughter, be the first person to be in church on service days. Make sure that you go at least 20 minutes before the service starts. This is good positioning and will give you ample time to chat with the pastor’s daughter when she comes with her family.

To marry a pastor’s daughter, you must speak Christianese: your vocabulary must consist of words and phrases from the Bible. The analogies and examples you give must be from Christian characters and scenarios. You must punctuate your conversations with phrases like, “by God’s grace”, “God willing”, “God bless you”, “Hallelujah”, “It is well”, etc. How can you want to marry a pastor’s daughter when you listen to secular music and watch secular movies? Do you want to go to hellfire? You must only listen to gospel music and dance to “You are alpha and omega” on Friday nights.

You have to address her father as ‘daddy’ and ‘papa’ and her mother as “mommy” and “mama”. You must never mention their full names. Even if you asked in a job interview to mention the name of your pastor, stick to “My pastor’s name is daddy”. Words are powerful and soon enough he will become your father-in-law and you, his son-in-law.

If you want to marry a pastor’s daughter, you must give her father pastoral offerings. Do this three times in a month, package some mint notes in a white envelope and hand it over to him as your seed. If you don’t have the money, borrow from someone, you are on a serious business! This immediately creates a positive feeling about you in his mind. At home, he will talk about you to his wife and children and if you do it frequently, the pastor will start talking about how a godly and responsible man like you should be the one to marry his daughter. He will ask her if she knows brother, Nicodemus. From that day, she will start looking out for you. Start printing the wedding invitation card!

If you want to marry a pastor’s daughter, you have to go to her house to help her family do some work. They will be happy to see you help cut the grass, sweep the front yard, fetch water from the borehole, split firewood, wash the car, run errands and even fix the electrical faults in the wall sockets. Keep at it, you know what you are looking for. This will even help you meet your love interest and she will be the one to serve you food.

Having done all this, walk up to her after church service, make sure that you are holding a big Bible in your hands and you are wearing a long-sleeved shirt tucked into an oversized brown trouser with an oversized tie squeezing your neck. Tell her that you have been watching her for a long time and would like her to help you become a better Christian. Ask her to be your Bible study partner. She will jump at the offer to guide you along the right path! This will put you two together in a room in the nearest future for bible study and from there you will have ample opportunity to opportunity to start loving her with the love of the Lord according to the book of Songs of Solomon!

Lest I forget, to marry a pastor’s daughter you must speak in tongues especially if she is of the Pentecostal denomination. If you don’t have the gift of speaking in tongues, go and practice phrases in the Greek language. Speak in tongues before her and you will wow her. She will be the one to chase after you, most especially if you have a long beard.

Congratulations and don’t forget to invite me to the wedding!

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