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What You Need To Know About Facebook Page Monetization

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Are you wondering how to make money from Facebook in 2023?

Some people are earning from their Facebook pages.

They are getting paid in hard currency monthly.

You spend a lot of time on Facebook, you are very active but you are very broke.

You share a lot of your videos on your Facebook stories, you get so many views and comments.

You catch cruise everywhere on Facebook.

You have so much free time on your hand…

Why not create a Facebook page and grow it to at least 10,000 followers and 600,000 video watch minutes, approximately 10,000 watch hours?

Get someone that you can trust as an admin from a country eligible for monetization.

That long-time friend of yours who japaed 5 years ago can become very useful to you now.

Apply for monetization, get approved and begin to earn money from your time on Facebook.

So many people are earning hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Your favourite skitmakers are earning millions of naira monthly from this space.

Have you not seen the spike in the number of skit-makers on this platform?

A ‘small boy’ bought a house in one of Abuja’s highbrow areas just from posting prank videos on Facebook.

A friend started posting comic videos during the lockdown in 2022, opened a Facebook page and today he is earning cool dollars monthly.

And will be earning for life as long as Facebook exists.

See eh, this is the knowledge age, stop advertising ignorance and wallowing in mediocrity.

Reduce the time you spend catching unnecessary cruises and giving hot takes on issues that you have no depth in.

If only you can stop looking for gossip and where they are dragging someone…

If only you can reduce your level of narcissism, you can create enough time to acquire knowledge and gain valuable skills that can turn your life around.

Think Quality Content.

For e.g, you attend weddings every weekend, why don’t you create a page on Facebook and post short videos of your experience at different weddings?

how to make money on facebook

What kind of content do people like online?

-Funny content; many people just want to laugh.

-Educational/expert content; gain mastery and position yourself as an expert in a specific field.

-Food content, Sports content, sex and relationship, religion, political content, etc.

Create short -4mins videos on anything and share them.

Sorry writers, Facebook prioritises video content over textual content on pages, so you need to do videos or hire someone to turn your poetry and prose into short interesting videos.

Create your page and grow it, overlook distractions and be consistent.

Imagine earning 500 – 1k dollars every month from Facebook.

And earning higher depending on your engagements and your audience.

Dear young graduate stop carrying files around and looking for non-existent jobs.

Go and learn video editing, it’s an in-demand skill.

Imagine editing videos for 10 clients per month.

Go and learn Social Media Management.

There’s a 9ja guy overseas that manages the Facebook pages of your top skitmakers.

They split their earnings with him.

He earns millions of Naira yearly just sitting in his house and posting on different pages.

All what I am telling you is to go above the general mediocrity.

If it means changing your circle of friends, do so.

Life is a personal race.

Seek knowledge in 2023, stop glorifying ignorance and mediocrity.

Make the best use of your time on social media.

Unless you have deep pockets and can afford to cruise all year round.

Are you still wondering how to make money from facebook in 2023?

The internet has given us limitless opportunities.

Let’s soar!

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