Idiongo and Annie

How I planned my marriage with less than ₦5000

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They had been dating for six years.

He had met her in 2015.

That day, he walked up to her,

“Hello, my name is Idiongo, I like you. Let’s be friends”

To her, he was just another chyker, one of the men her mother used to warn her about.

“Annie, be careful of men! They will come to you to deceive you”

But Cupid had his own plans.

They saw themselves falling together in love.

Their love grew in leaps and bounds and soon some of his friends started casting lusty eyes on Annie.

But when a man finds a treasure, he protects and keeps it to himself.

So Idiongo hid Annie from the men of the world and ensured his treasure was safe from prying eyes.

His family had accepted her and her family had accepted him.

They were destined to walk down the aisle.

But when random thoughts of marriage crept through his mind, the financial implications scared him.

One day, Idiongo looked at his reflection in the mirror and said to himself, “I am in my 30s, I am not getting younger, I have a long term girlfriend, I need to marry her”.

Later that day, he proposed to Annie, “Will you marry me?”

The girl from Ikot Ekpene said, “Yes!” with a wide grin.

Idiongo is a lucky man, Annie is a good planner and manager of resources, so the task of planning naturally fell on her.

Then Covid struck in 2020 and the world went into physical and economic lockdown.

At this time Idiongo was still holding a temporary job as a correspondent in a newspaper house with a small stipend while Annie was still an undergraduate at the University of Uyo.

As they made plans for marriage, the economy was laughing heartily at them.

“Haq haq haq! They don’t know what’s going on” the economy said with a wicked smile.

Idiongo had only N5000 in his bank account to start with.

He was motivated to succeed despite the amount.

The foundation seemed uncertain.

But when there’s a will there is a way, Idiongo stuck to his plan.

Soon enough he got a better job.

That was a shot of adrenaline in the veins of the couple.

Practical steps were taken.

Savings were made.

Promises were made by people.

The saying is true that two heads are better than one.

Annie planned, budgets were raised and revised.

Friends and family supported.

He that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord.

The doors of favour opened.

The wedding date was announced and invitations were sent out.

“Idiongo, I will not eat for two days before your wedding so that I will have enough space in my stomach to eat and drink there” Potential guests announced.

The Traditional marriage took place, a colourful event.

Three days later, the wedding took place, hitch-free.

“Is this for real? Are we married?” Idiongo asked Annie at the altar.

“It’s a dream come true” She whispered.

Idiongo and Annie’s story is a story of resilience and determination.

An inspiring story.

A story of love.

As they walk hand in hand through the journey of marital life, the lyrics of country singer, Alan Jackson rings true:

“Two young people without a thing

Say some vows and spread their wings

And settle down with just what they need

Living on love”

May their marriage be blissful.

idiongo and annie
idiongo and annie

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