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The story behind Eddie Quansa by the Peacocks Guitar Band

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You must have read this story on different blogs and social media groups with the story credited to different individuals but you know the truth.

The truth is that this story is a creation of your favourite prolific storyteller, Monsieur Leroi.

Written and posted on 17th October 2018 on Facebook 

Let’s get down to business 🙂

1. Eddie Quansa: Version 1

Have you seen Eddie Quansa?

They say he is a legend.

They say he is a myth.

They say he is a mystery.

Do you know Eddie Quansa?

Your eyebrows are raised.

You are wondering who the heck the person is.

You are wondering if I am talking about a movie character…

Relax, grab your popcorn and let’s go on a journey.

Once upon a time, life in Nigeria used to be simple and fun.

In Owerri, a city in eastern Nigeria, there lived a young man called John Obikwe.

John Obikwe was a jovial fellow who loved partying and having fun.

He used to frequent all the fun spots and joints in the city.

John Obikwe was tall, dark in complexion and very handsome with thick hair.

All the girls wanted him.

He would play the guitar and expertly pluck the heartstrings of many young women.

John Obikwe had three brothers and was the youngest.

The Nigerian civil war began in the late 60s and life in Owerri was at the lowest ebb so John Obikwe and his brothers lived a low keyed life, hiding many times to avoid forceful conscription by the Biafran army.

The brutal civil war ended in 1970 leaving Owerri the erstwhile capital of the short-lived Republic of Biafra in ruins.

The citizens began starting their lives all over again.

By a stroke of luck, John Obikwe and his brothers discovered that their late father had left behind a big parcel of land in Port Harcourt.

They held a meeting and decided to sell the land and share the money equally among the four of them.

They signed an agreement.

The land was sold but unknown to John, his three brothers had resolved not to give him his share of the money.

When John got wind of their plan, he confronted them.

They told him that he was too young to be given the money.

They told him to wait till he turns 40 years.

John was infuriated.

He announced he was leaving the family.

He told them he was no longer part of the family.

They laughed at him.

John gathered his few possessions and sold them to raise money.

He was left with only his guitar.

He then teamed up with a friend travelled out of Nigeria.

He relocated to Ghana.

15 Banyard street off Yadi layout Accra.

He changed his name.

He was now called Eddie Quansa.

He started doing odd jobs to raise money to feed.

He began playing his guitar and joined a highlife band in Accra.

In a few years time, Eddie Quansa was a rich man in Ghana.

He married a beautiful young lady named, Meena Sarpong, the girl-with-the-chocolate-skin-and-thick-hips.

Eddie Quansa became one of the prominent men in Accra.

A rich merchant and a highlife musician, his band was popular and played at many shows.

Eddie quansa

News of Eddie Quansa’s success reached his family in Owerri.

His brothers sent emissaries to beg him for forgiveness.

But Eddie had sworn not to have nothing to do with them again.

His brothers visited him but they were chased out from his house.

They returned to Nigeria and hatched a plan.

They approached a new highlife band in Owerri called the Peacocks Guitar band.

They begged the band to write and record a song for their brother.

After months of pressure, the band recorded the track. It was titled, “Eddie Quansa” and became a hit track in Owerri and eastern Nigeria.

“Eddie Quansa bia obia o
Izu ka mma ne nne gie”

The song was an appeal to Eddie Quansa to return home.

Eddie Quansa heard the record in Accra.

He even played the song during his shows.

It was not long after then that the New Masquerade show came on Nigerian Television.

the new masquerade eddie quansa in owerri

Do you remember the drama series starring Chief Zebrudaya, Ovularia, Gringory, Jegede among others?

The producers decided to use Eddie Quansa track as their signature tune.

The song became very popular throughout Nigeria.

Yet Eddie Quansa refused to return home.

Have you seen Eddie Quansa in Owerri?

Some people say he is dead and is buried in Accra.

Some say he is still alive but is living in a secret location in India.

Some say his ghost roams Owerri at night.

They say if you step out of your house at midnight in Owerri and sing these lines,

“Eddie Quansa bia o bia”, the ghost of Eddie Quansa will appear in front of you.

The ghost will take the form of a handsome young man with a long beard.

The ghost will scream “Mba! I am not coming back!”

It will suddenly vanish!

If you are in Owerri, do this tonight and get back to us.

Have you seen Eddie Quansa in Owerri?

2. Eddie Quansa: Version 2

Eddie Quansa was a palm wine tapper based in Owerri in southeastern Nigeria.

He was a handsome but unmarried young man in his early 30s.

He used to tap palm wine from different farmlands and sell them to customers who always came to his house to buy the liquor.

There was something special about his wine.

Palm wine tapped by Eddie Quansa tasted better than that of other people.

Soon Eddie Quansa could no longer cope with the increasing demand.

With the money he made from the business, he built a bigger house with a storage facility to store his wine.

One day, Eddie Quansa disappeared from Owerri.

Customers flocked his house to buy palm wine but everywhere was locked.

They made enquiries and searched everywhere for him.

His people looked for him in his interior village in Imo state.

But Eddie Quansa was simply nowhere to be found.

A month passed and people started believing that he was dead.

They gave up hope of seeing him alive.

Then Eddie Quansa resurfaced.

It was like a dead man come alive.

Residents of the city thronged his house to see with their eyes.

Eddie quansa sat in front of his house with a glint in his eyes.

He cleared his throat and told his story.

“I had an adventure! On my way to tap palm wine, as usual, a heavy wind blew and I found myself transported to another realm. In this strange world, I met my ancestors and all the great men of our land who had died many years back. They asked me to tell them what was going on in the earthly world. I told them everything that I could and they were pleased with me. They told me that they will help me in my profession by teaching me how to produce the best wine ever in the history of the world. But they had a condition that I must never tell anyone else about it. I accepted their offer and they kept me in their realm for one month teaching me the secret ingredients to use in brewing this wine. After teaching me the secrets, they sent me back to the world to continue my business.”

The people were stunned. They have never heard anything of that nature before!

They asked him tons of questions that he didn’t answer. Eddie Quansa kept smiling.

“Everybody bring your cup and let me give me this new wine to taste”

There was a scramble as people strained to taste the wine of the ancestors.

Eddie Quansa shared the wine with them.

“Oh my God! This is the best wine ever!’, ‘I have never drunk anything so delicious!’, ‘Please give me more!’”, the exclamations and demands poured in.

Eddie Quansa named the new wine after himself, ‘Eddie Quansa’.

Demands for the wine poured in every minute.

The wine seemed to have a rejuvenating and revitalizing effect on whoever drank it.

It became the most popular drink in Owerri.

Orders for Eddie Quansa special poured in.

Members of the Peacocks Guitar Band, a popular highlife band in Owerri loved Eddie Quansa special.

They always drank it before performing at their shows.

They drank it while performing and after performing.

The drink seemed to unlock their creativity and give them hit tracks.

One day, Eddie Quansa disappeared again.

The whole town went searching for him.

The Peacocks highlife band crew were distraught.

They missed their favourite drink.

Three months passed and Eddie Quansa was still nowhere to be found.

The band members decided to record a track appealing to him to return to them.

They titled the record, Eddie Quansa.

The years have passed and Eddie Quansa is still not yet back.

Everyday, especially at night time, you can hear them singing, begging and wailing…

Eddie Quansa bia obia o…


3. Eddie Quansa: Version 3


I am in a village in the heart of Igbo land.

My curiosity brought me here on a quest for Eddie Quansa.

I was told that he lives in a haunted house in this village.

Earlier in the day, I had driven past a house with my friend, Obinna.

The house looked like a new apartment.

Obinna had pointed to it, “That is a haunted house. Everybody who rents the house always ends up running away. Something chases them away at night, so nobody lives there. Nobody knows what the owner of the house used in building the house. His hands are not clean!”

A haunted house?

My curiosity was aroused.

I tried to take a shot of the building but we had long driven past the house.

I made enquiries about Eddie Quansa and I was told that he lives in that house.

I decided to visit him at night time to speak with him and get him to tell me his story.


It is night time in the village.

There is power supply in some houses.

The earthen pathway is dark with oil palm trees on either side.

I am tiptoeing on the pathway with a torchlight.

The haunted house is right in front of me.

A white bungalow with flowers hedges.

It is so desolate.

Silence envelopes the environment.

Crickets are chirping.

I approach the house boldly.

I knock at the door.

There is no response.

I push it open and step cautiously inside.

The damp air and stale smell envelopes me.

The room is empty except for three window blinds.

My torchlight traces every corner of the living room.


I step inside to explore other rooms.

“Hello, is there anybody here?” my voice echoes.

Suddenly the front door slams shut.

Something fast and furious knocks the torchlight from my hand.

The torchlight is smashed against the ground.


I am groping in the dark.

I am crawling on the floor, looking for the front door.

I can’t scream.

My tongue is tied.

My head is heavy.

Goose pimples.

If only I can make it to the front door…

Steely fingers grab my neck and squeezes it.

I pass out.

I open one eye.

I can’t remember how long I have been lying on the floor.

A shadowy figure is approaching me with outstretched hands.

Is this Eddie Quansa?

The figure is garbed in long flowing black gown.

It is humming a tune.

An unearthly tune.

“Jesus Christ!” I scream.

It is moving closer.

I see two pieces of wood on the floor.

I pick them up and place them against each other.

I form a cross.

I hold the cross in front of me.

The ghost is reaching out to grab me.

It sees the cross and halts.

I am holding tight to the cross.

It is my only hope.

The ghost is changing direction and approaching from my back.

I turn around with the cross to face it.

“Jesus!” I scream.

Fire springs up from nowhere and engulfs the house.

The ghost screams and falls down.

The door is open.

I run out.

I am running on the earthen pathway at 2 am.

I don’t know where I am running to.

I just keep running.


Are there any lessons we can learn from the three versions of this story?

  1. Be good at your craft. People will always come looking for you because of the value that you offer.
  2. Be consistent. Consistency brings about perfection.
  3. Be a nice and accessible person. People will want to be close to you.
  4. Curiosity killed the cat. Sometimes it is best to let things be and not try to confirm everything you hear.

Listen to the audio here:



Eddie Quansa e
Bia obia o
Eddie Quansa e Eddie Quansa e
Bia obia o
Izu nkama Na ne gie
Eddie Quansa e
Bia o bia o
Izu nkama Na ne gie
Bia o bia o
Eddie Quansa e
Bia o bia o
Izu nkama Na ne gie
Bia o bia o

There can be as many versions of this story as possible. My inspiration to write this story came after listening to the Eddie Quansa highlife tune on a radio station. One can say that the music of yesteryears was deep and inspirational. The music of these days is just bleh except for a few artistes who strive to release meaningful and evergreen songs that will stand the test of time. Every musician should have at least one evergreen song.

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