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Have you listened to Wizkid Essence ft Justin Bieber and Tems?

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“Hey, babe! Have you listened to Wizkid Essence ft Justin Bieber and Tems?”
“No, I have not. I have heard that it is out. I read some tweets on Twitter about it yesterday”
“Yeah, it is out!”
“How is the song? Is it any good?”
“It is banging babe! Why are you sounding pessimistic?”
“It is because of past experiences with songs that are hyped. I have been disappointed with so many hyped releases, so now I am cautious”
“You need to listen to this one. Justin Bieber is a beast on this one!”
“Is there a video out yet?”
“Nope, it is just an audio release but I am sure that a video will be released soonest”
“I will wait for the video to be out before watching, I prefer videos to audio”
“You are kidding. There’s nowhere you can avoid listening to Wizkid – Essence ft Justin Bieber and Tems right now. It is banging everywhere on radio and the internet!”
“I just don’t know why but I prefer original tracks to remixes, artistes struggle in the remixes”
“My dear, Essence has been one of the hottest tracks of this summer and the remix comes with more fire. I can’t lie to you.”
“Are you a Wizkid fan?”
“Yes, I am. How about you?”
“I am a Davido fan”
“No wonder!”
“No wonder what?”
“You Davido’s fans hate wizkid! There’s nothing that Starboy does that is right in your eyes”
“That is not true, it is you Davido’s fans that won’t let us hear word, always comparing both of them! But we all know that Wizkid is better!”
“Now, that’s sacrilege! Davido is better!”
“Wizkid is better!”
“If you insist then I won’t listen to this new remix”
“Calm down babe, your blood is too hot!”
“You too should calm down!”
“Okay. Let’s not quarrel. Why do we fans always get into these arguments?”
“Abi? Why can’t we just enjoy the music of our favourite artists without having to pick sides and do comparisons”
“I guess it is human nature, we are wired to support a cause. Anyway, send me the track, let me listen to it”
“Alright, turn on your Xender app and enjoy Wizkid – Essence ft Justin Bieber and Tems!”
“Thank you!”

Wizkid Essence ft Justin Bieber and Tems

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