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Have you listened to the speech by the Olu of Warri?

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There is a new Olu of Warri.

His name is Tsola Emiko.

I listened to his speech at his coronation ceremony yesterday.

I was enthralled by the trending 26 minutes long speech.

I have never heard any monarch in Nigeria speak in that way.

It was an eloquent speech.

A speech filled with wisdom.

A speech demonstrating an understanding of the times and seasons.

In the young King, I saw a man of depth and insight.

A man attuned to his creator and his roots.

A man with an understanding of leadership.

I then understood why there was contention and opposition by some forces to his emergence.

Because whenever a good thing is about to happen, certain forces will fight to stop it.

May the new King’s reign usher in peace and prosperity to his kingdom.

May the people of Warri and the Niger Delta be better off for it.

Long live OGIAME ATUWATSE III, the Olu of Warri!

Long may you reign!

Video of the speech courtesy of Gbamaratu Voice Television

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