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How a flight on Ibom Air brought two singles together

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Idara uncrossed her long legs as she readjusted her position on her seat in the aeroplane.

She was flying to Uyo from Lagos on Ibom Air.

It was her first time visiting Akwa Ibom State.

She was nervous and apprehensive about what to expect.

The 27-year-old investment banker has lived in Lagos and the UK all her life.

The young man seated next to her gazed at her.

She studied him from the corner of her eyes.

A handsome man with a round-shaped face, dressed in a black suit, looking dapper and business-like.

“Hello, are you feeling sleepy?” He inquired.

“Uhm…I guess so but I am wide awake” Idara replied.

“Okay, you look kinda nervous, I am Ekemini.”

“Oh, I am Idara. Well, I am nervous because I am visiting Akwa Ibom for the first time and I don’t have friends there”

“Wow, welcome, Akwa Ibom is a nice place. You will like it here and you will make new friends in a very short time. Your name is an Akwa Ibom name so how come you are just visiting for the first time?” Ekemini interrogated.

“Well, my family is based in Lagos. We grew up there, schooled overseas and went on vacations around the world. Because of the nature of his job as an international diplomat dad never took us home.”

“Oh, it is good to reconnect with your roots. I grew up in Akwa Ibom but relocated after my first degree” Ekemini said and continued, “I am flying to Uyo for a business meeting. If you don’t mind, I could show you around some places in town after my meeting tomorrow.” Ekemini offered.

Idara raised an eyebrow, “Thank you but are you sure I am not going to get in the way of your plans?”

“No, not at all! It will be my pleasure to serve as your tour guide”

“So how much am I paying for this tourism service?” Idara enquired jokingly.

They both laughed out loud.

They spent the rest of the flight period discussing.

They realized that they shared a lot of things in common.

“I am glad I decided to fly Ibom Air today, if not, I wouldn’t have met you!” Ekemini exclaimed.

“You know it’s kinda funny, I booked Ibom Air at the last minute and I am glad I did!” Idara replied smiling sheepishly.

“It’s a nice coincidence. Ibom Air is quite cool, I have been flying with them for a while now and they are doing exceptionally well for a new airline”

“I hear they are one of the best-run airlines in the country”

“Yes, new planes, great crew, 96% schedule reliability, 94% on-time performance, Ibom Air is in a class by itself”

The flight announcement by the pilot as the plane prepared to land at the Victor Attah International Airport interrupted their conversation and they listened to him.

“Welcome to Akwa Ibom State Idara,” Ekemini said turning to Idara with a smile on his face.

“Thank you, I am glad I am finally home” She whispered.

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