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Everything You Need To Know About Relocating To The Uk From Nigeria Via The Care Job Pathway

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By Kelvin Alaneme

How do you land a Care job in the UK from Nigeria? Are you looking for information on everything you need to know about relocating to the Uk from Nigeria via the care job pathway? How do you go from the point of looking for job to relocating with your family? In this post, I will explain the concrete steps you can take to land a care job in the UK and relocate within the shortest possible time. I will also give you pointers, what to look out for, to avoid being scammed by some people who are out to deceive and swindle others in the name of ‘healthcare visa’.

Care Jobs have been added to the Shortage Occupation List in the UK, meaning that employers are open to recruiting workers from overseas. To sweeten this deal, the UK Government is allowing persons who land care jobs to apply for the new Health and Care Visa within the next 12 months. This visa type is similar to Tier 2 Visa, only that it is cheaper and the applicant will not pay the Immigration Health Surcharge.

Note that anyone, irrespective of background, can do a Care Job. This presents a rare opportunity for persons outside the healthcare sector to come into UK using this pathway.

You can land this job and relocate in 3 steps.


This step is the hardest and the longest. With the intense competition since the addition of Care Jobs on the shortage occupation list, there seems to be more supply than demand. But don’t worry. Yesterday, we launched our ‘Care Job Premium Service’ which will guide you by the hand and help you transcend this critical stage. This N50k service will help you with three main things:

  1. CV Optimisation to NHS Standard – Most employers weed out applicants just by looking at the CVs. Best believe that if your CV is not right, you won’t land that job. The perfect CV is not the one with ten to fifteen pages but the one that addresses your employers needs, the one that makes you the right fit for the organisation.
  2. Certifications – Most of the Care Jobs require you hold an NVQ3 Certification or its Diploma in Health and Social Care equivalent as a minimum requirement. Some schools offer these certifications for an upward of Β£800. We will guide you on how you can get this certification for FREE.
  3. Job Applications – Just to sweeten the deal, we will help you apply to not one, not ten but a minimum of thirty (30) care jobs in the UK. We can also hand you over to Care Homes when we secure partnerships to make you land job interviews faster.

Our Premium Service is geared towards getting your foot in the door – landing you that Care Job interview. To get started immediately, contact our Admin Christabel on +2347031335401.

Once you land this interview, you have achieved the first and most important step in your relocation journey via the Care Job Pathway.


How do you land a job after getting an interview? Smash that interview. Impress your prospective employers. Make them want you to begin at the shortest possible opportunity. We are working on another service that can help you do this – prepare you on all possible questions, arrange a mock interview, etc. Do you know that there are some statements you will make and your interview will go south? Aha.

Once you pass your interview, your prospective employer will send you an Employment Offer Letter. If you accept this, your employer will ask for certain documents to kick-start your onboarding process. After step, they will send you a Contract of Employment. If you sign this contract, your employer will then issue you a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS). It is called Certificate but it is just a line of numbers and letters like ‘C5G7K52333O’. You need this to be able to apply for Visa. Note that Certificate of Sponsorship is FREE. Anyone asking you to pay money for Certificate of Sponsorship is a scammer. Run for your life!


This is the final and most expensive step. But at least, you now have a job in the UK, if you don’t have funds to do this step, do borrow. You can pay back from here.

With your CoS, you go to the UK Government website to apply for the ‘Health and Care Visa’. Visa application fees is Β£232 per person (multiply this by the number of persons you are coming with). You will also need to show a ‘Proof of Funds’ of Β£1270 (slightly more if you are coming with a spouse and family – details are in the UK Government website). The naira equivalent of this money need to have been in your account for 28 days and you print the bank statement which you will take to your biometrics/visa interview. You will also need to upload your new Work Contract and relevant documents required. Parts of the documents you may be requested to provide at this time may include Proof of English Proficiency – this could be in the form of IELTS Academic or Letter of English proficiency from UK NARIC (now ECCTIS).

Everything You Need To Know About Relocating To The Uk From Nigeria Via The Care Job Pathway
Caregiving – Everything You Need To Know About Relocating To The Uk From Nigeria Via The Care Job Pathway

After applying for your Visa, you will apply and get a date for your biometrics (there may or may not be an interview at the venue). Prior to your biometrics, you will need a TB Certificate. After your biometrics, you wait. Wait time depends on whether you paid for ‘standard’ or ‘priority’. At the moment, the UK Visa Offices are not offering priority services (Ukrainians are being prioritised). Standard waiting time is 3-4 weeks.

Once you get your Visa (approval rates are high, almost 90%), you will book your flight, pack your bags, say your goodbyes and relocate to the UK for your new job. Ensure to book a temporary accommodation via Airbnb, Booking, Spareroom, etc. Once in the UK, you can go house-hunting from your temporary abode till you find something that suits your pocket and lifestyle.

Relocating to the UK on a work Visa can be life-changing. In five short years on this Visa, you become a permanent resident in the UK by obtaining your Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). The next year (your sixth), you can apply for British citizenship and obtain your British passport. As a permanent resident, you can do any job you like. You are no longer tied to a Visa. You become more flexible and can earn more.

Working in Healthcare also gives you an opportunity to serve others and equips you with skills you can monetize. While you are at your job, you can do part-time studies. I have seen persons who started from Care jobs and went on to become Nurses.

This is Everything You Need To Know About Relocating To The Uk From Nigeria Via The Care Job Pathway. If you want to relocate to the UK via this Care Job Pathway, we can get you started on the first step and guide you through this journey.

Share this widely for anyone you know who can benefit. Share this so that your loved ones don’t fall victim to scammers.

Last year, CareerEdu helped over 400 persons come to the UK. This year, our target is 1000 persons. And that includes you.

Let’s go! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

Β©Kelvin Alaneme, 2022.

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