Don’t miss Cloudcon with Utiva!

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They strolled on the grassy park.

Hand in hand.

Admiring the greenery and serene environment.

A strong breeze began to blow.

“The clouds are gathering, it is going rain again,” He said gazing upward at the sky.

“True, the cloud is upon us, we need to return home before the rain pours” She suggested.

He drew her to himself and whispered in her ears, “One day I will buy us a Plane ticket and we will fly above the dark clouds to a magic faraway Island.

She giggled, “Really?”

“Yes!” He affirmed.

“I can’t wait for that day!” She said with a smile.

Her phone suddenly beeped.

She gazed at the screen and turned to him…

“Talking about clouds, I have just been reminded about Cloudcon webinar coming up soon”

“What’s Cloudcon?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.

A voice sounded behind them.

“Hello, this is Utiva!”

Cloudcon with Utiva is an event where we teach and simplify the concept of cloud computing to individuals who intend to transition into this space but don’t know how to.

Do you know top organizations invest heavily in the Cloud?

Netflix pays about 9.6 Million dollars monthly and a report says the organization will spend a billion dollars on Cloud services if need be.

A cloud developer at Netflix earns between $71,000 -$ 240,000 annually.

Why will an organization like Netflix invest heavily in Cloud computing?

What is Cloud computing?

These are some of your questions bugging your mind , right?
Join us at “CLOUDCON” where we will be demystifying Cloud computing.

We will be showing various opportunities in the Cloud Space.

Cloud Computing professionals will be sharing their experience on how they transitioned from where they were(novice) to where they currently are (experts).

Date: Aug 21, 2021- Aug 22 2021

Time: 10am

Venue: Zoom

Register Here:

“Thank you! We’re registering immediately!” He announced as they broke into a run, away from the rain cascading down the dark clouds.

Whatever you do, don’t miss Cloudcon with Utiva!

cloudcon with utiva

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