mohammed indimi

Do you know the Indimis?

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These are the Indimis.

mohammed indimi

The man in the gold coloured outfit is Mohammed Indimi.

Billionaire and philanthropist.

From Maiduguri, Borno state.

Chairman of Oriental Energy Resources.

A Businessman who had a deprived childhood.

Born to a poor hides and skins trader father.

Deprived of western education.

Learnt the hides and skins trade from his father.

And set up his business.

Expanded and ventured into other areas.

Became rich.

In September 1990, his company was awarded an oil prospecting license by the Babangida administration.

15 years later the oil wells began flowing.

In 2015 Forbes estimated his net worth to be $500 million, the 39th richest man in Africa.

A man without western education having professors on his payroll.

Awarded many honorary doctorate degrees.

Giving lectures at Havard.

The quiet Billionaire.

I follow some of the Indimis on Instagram.

I think they are cool and not ostentatious.

Simple lifestyle and religious.

They are rich kids but they don’t flaunt their wealth.

There’s Ahmed Indimi, the husband of Zahra Buhari.

A businessman who loves adventure.

The female Indimis are Industrious.

All of them seem to be in the skincare and beauty industry.

With their line of products.

There’s Adama, Meram, and Mairama.

Beautiful and classy ladies.

The Indimi story is a story of preparation meeting opportunity.

As I researched on Mohammed Indimi, I came across five business lessons he shared two years ago:

– Learn your trade

– Pay your debts

– Always keep your eyes open for opportunity

– Diversify your operations and take your business to the next level

– Exhaust all possibilities and never give up.

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