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Charles Awuzie: 10 Professions that will be relevant in the Metaverse Internet age

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As the Metaverse internet age unfolds, here are 10 professions that will be relevant in the metaverse internet age. We will have:

10 Professions that will be relevant in the Metaverse Internet age

Doctors – Who will own Medical Rooms and sell medical services. Most doctors may not even need physical consultation rooms since they can focus on consulting patients in the Metaverse.

Lawyers – Who you can hire in the Metaverse to pursue legal issues that originate from the Metaverse.

Interior decorators – Who will help Metaverse citizens to decorate their Metaverse homes.

I.T experts – They will help you build, create and maintain safe Metaverse spaces.

metaverse internet age
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Animators – These guys are going to be the millionaires of the future.

Therapists – This is going to be amazing. Lock yourself in the privacy of your room and zoom into the Metaverse, connect with your therapist for your sessions.

Teachers – I think I am most excited about this than anything else. Harvardx Cs50 experimented with this and now it’s going mainstream.

3D Porn – We can’t exclude the possibility of an invasion of porn actors in the Metaverse. Already, Porn websites are holding high level meetings to transition into the Metaverse, enabling their porn stars to give an almost real sexual experience to their horny clients.

Religious leaders – Yes, despite calling 5G an anti-Christ, expect religious leaders to use the Metaverse to spread their religions.

Criminals – we should always plan to have this class of humans in every technological evolution. But the good thing is that as tech evolves, illiterate criminals will become obsolete while highly skilled criminals will operate in the Metaverse.

The Metaverse is vast.

Facebook Inc rebranding to META is a loud announcement of the death of web 2.0 internet and the ascension of Web 3.0.

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