How to marry a female motivational speaker/life coach in Nigeria and live happily ever after

You know motivational speakers are among some of the most intelligent people in the world and the females are so admirable. If you are a man and you are wondering how to marry a female motivational speaker/life coach in Nigeria, then this satire is for you. Motivational speakers are always busy saving the world but […]

How to keep your landlord happy and live for as long as you want without paying house rent to him

Nobody loves paying house rent. When the time for rent renewal comes around, some people go into hiding. Yes, you disappear and your landlord has to conduct a search party for you to fish you out and collect his money. In this economy where the cost of living has gone up, you spend sleepless nights […]

How to win the 2023 elections in Nigeria using the Corn eating strategy

It is corn eating season already and people are munching on corn cobs everywhere. Similarly, 2023, the year of general elections in Nigeria is getting closer every day and plans for electoral victory are being hatched by interested parties. You want to be elected by the people into that lucrative public office, don’t you? You […]

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