Don’t google Dorime Ameno lyrics by Era if you don’t want this to happen to you

You open up your web browser on your phone and type: The Google search engine opens and you type in the search bar, Dorime Ameno lyrics by Era. You click the top result and read the lyrics. “Dori me Interimo ayapare, dorime Ameno, ameno Latire, latiremo Dori me” A Youtube to the track is[…]

This lady wants this man in her life, like forever remix by Gyakie ft Omah lay

When Eno touches the bright yellow petals of the flower, the fluffy feel against her skin soothes her and brings back a flood of memories as she closes her eyes and sees him in her mind eyes. She remembers tracing the outline of his lips with her fingers and both of them giggling in excitement[…]

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