This is how to celebrate Christmas in Africa

Christmas celebration in Africa is an annual ritual that involves lots of fanfare and goodwill. Since Christians make up 49% of the population of Africa, Christian events and holidays are religiously observed by adherents. Although certain Christian denominations do not observe Christmas, the majority of Christians observe 25th December as the birthday of Jesus Christ,[…]

The Man behind the Stainerz Group Brand: Arch Chris Umoren

Stainerz Group, Nigeria’s fastest-growing Real Estate and Investment Company, has been making waves for all the positive reasons since its advent into the Real Estate Market in Akwa Ibom State and Nigeria. Behind the success of Stainerz Group is a young man with astute administrative acumen. Christopher Umoren is a business and Investment consultant with[…]

Watch the moment a groom sang to his bride at their wedding reception

It was a surprise moment at the wedding reception of Gloria And Aniekan. #GLAN21, the classy wedding event was in full swing. Guests from across Nigeria were seated, sharing in the joy of the young couple. The Mc suddenly announced a presentation and walked to Aniekan, the Groom, and handed the microphone to him. Aniekan[…]

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