Do you want to eat before you eat? Why young men should run away from beautiful women

They had been Facebook friends for 4 years. They chatted and interacted with each other daily. There was a connection between them. Chemistry. Love was in the offing. They lived in the same city. One day, she invited him to her house for dinner. He happily accepted the invitation. A bachelor doesn’t let any opportunity […]

5 Reasons why you should watch the Big Brother Naija 2021 show

“Big brother Naija 2021 is starting today!” Vicky said enthusiastically to me on the phone. I sighed, “Oh, No! Not again!” “Leroi, you don’t like the show?” I sensed the disappointment in her voice. “Not that much…I watch snippets and the eviction nights but even at that, you bbn people won’t let us rest, you […]

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