Everything You Need To Know About Relocating To The Uk From Nigeria Via The Care Job Pathway

By Kelvin Alaneme How do you land a Care job in the UK from Nigeria? Are you looking for information on everything you need to know about relocating to the Uk from Nigeria via the care job pathway? How do you go from the point of looking for job to relocating with your family? In […]

How to resolve an insurance claim dispute via the Insurance Appraisal Clause

By Joe Brennan Many homeowners and business owners find themselves disagreeing with their insurance company’s analysis of their insurance claim. However, most are unaware that they can dispute the insurance company’s findings via the Insurance Appraisal Clause! Find out the steps on how to resolve an insurance claim dispute via the insurance appraisal clause and […]

6 Reasons why Nigeria is globally notorious for Internet fraud

I was asked recently by a foreign friend why Nigeria is globally notorious for Internet fraud. It was Emmanuel Nwude who defrauded a Brazilian Bank of the sum of $242 million between 1995 and 1998 in an audacious scam centred on an investment in a fictitious airport in return for millions of dollars in commission. […]

The Tinder Swindler: Review, lessons and thoughts by Unwana Umana

The Tinder Swindler is a Netflix documentary that flows like a well-scripted movie. It’s the story of a man who swindles people online using basic pop psychology techniques. Forgive me for using the word basic and pop, but that’s what it is. But basic popular psychology doesn’t mean it doesn’t work on smart people. It […]

This is how to celebrate Christmas in Africa

Christmas celebration in Africa is an annual ritual that involves lots of fanfare and goodwill. Since Christians make up 49% of the population of Africa, Christian events and holidays are religiously observed by adherents. Although certain Christian denominations do not observe Christmas, the majority of Christians observe 25th December as the birthday of Jesus Christ, […]

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