are you dating another person's fiancee?
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Are you dating another person’s fiancee?

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This is the question: Are you dating another person’s fiancee?

Some men are in a relationship with another person’s fiancee.

I think only 20% of girls of marriageable age are really single, as in totally single!

At every point in time, a beautiful lady has one or two men waiting for her to say “Yes’ to their proposal.

A lady has an image of her ideal man. She has probably not met him yet or he is not yet financially ready to fund the marital rites so she just strings her toasters along, giving them the facade of being in a relationship with her. When her ideal man surfaces she wastes no time in jumping ship and releasing Pre-wedding pictures.

Women are excellent manipulators, many men do not know this. They are very subtle and sly.

So a young man will see a girl who seem to like him, he will fall head over heels in love with her. He will flaunt her everywhere and do whatever she asks him to do because he believes he has found his wife. Few months later he is shocked to learn that she has been dating someone else for many years and is getting married to the man.

Many of the girls on social media who say they are single are not single. If you probe further, they are engaged in serious relationships. If you ask privately, the honest ones will tell you, some will not. They hide their relationship status. Many single-and-searching men fall into their trap.

As for ‘church girls’, only few are church girls in the real sense of the word. Some innocent brothers are being deceived by “Holy girls”.

She looks very innocent and posts only pictures of her after Sunday service with Bible quotes.

Haq Haq haq…you don’t know what’s going on!

No girl is really single, that’s why some men on social media adopt a half-joking half-serious tone when interacting with them online.

That’s why some people chose to stay on their lane and focus on their hustles.

Dating a Nigerian girl is a full time job on its own. Ain’t nobody got time for that stress mehnnn!

When the time is ripe the chosen one will descend from heaven and appear in front of you and a baritone voice will sound, “My son, this is your wife!”

So my brother, before you tell that girl, “I love you!” find out first if she is really single and if she is not waiting for some guy in Canada. Do all you can to avoid myocardial infarction triggered by the current pre-wedding pictures release season.

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