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A dose of inspiration from an Access Bank Atm

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Here you are tonight at the Access Bank Atm wielding your weather-beaten Atm card.

It’s a humid and windy evening in the city with the rain threatening to fall in fury.

You are feeling tepid about just everything tonight, even the live Epl match doesn’t interest you.

As you are about to slot the card into the machine, a song bursts out from the ATM.

“There is greatness inside of you

You’re the one that the world is waiting for

Every step you take we go dey there

Cos we believe in you say one day you go make am

Oooo o oo oooo”

You have listened to the song a thousand and one times but tonight you find yourself captivated by the lyrics.

“Do you believe in me? Do you believe one day I go make am?” You ask the machine.

It’s been raining debit alerts all week on your bank account and tonight is no different.

“Yes! One day you will make it and you will no longer have to come to me to withdraw money because we will be bringing your money to you in your house in big bags!” The Atm responds.

You are startled!

A talking Access Bank Atm!

You go ahead and slot in your card and proceed to withdraw money from your account.

Sapa is waiting at the wings.

He had accompanied you to the Atm.

“Hurry up!” Sapa says to you.

The ATM whirls, puffs, heaves and spit out a wad of minted Naira notes in front of you.

You pick them up and immediately your phone vibrates.

Debit alert!

You sigh and gaze at the ATM.

“One day, one day, you go make am!” It assures you.

The words are comforting and you reply, “Thank you!”

Sapa rushes towards you and hooks your right arm with his.

He is pulling you away from the Atm.

“We are going to Eka Idara’s shop to buy some items. We have to spend this money as soon as possible!” Sapa announces.

“Leave me alone, I don’t want to walk with you, please let go of my arm” You beg.

But Sapa tightens his grip around you and leads you out of the gate of the bank.

You glance at Atm with a silent plea for help in your eyes.

“There is greatness inside of you

One day you go make am

Oooo o oo oooo, one day you go make am!”

The atm sings to you as Sapa steers you into the dark streets on a cold and windy night.

Listen to the song here


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