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8 Top Reasons to visit Watbridge hotel Uyo

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Within two and a half years of its establishment, Watbridge hotel Uyo has risen to become a top destination for travellers, corporate organizations, event managers and fun-seekers in Uyo.

Here are 8 top reasons to visit Watbridge hotel uyo.

1. Serenity

Despite being located in the busy city centre in uyo, watbridge provides a serene ambience for your relaxation. The moment you walk into the premises. The serenity welcomes you with open arms.

2. Professional service

The hotel has an array of courteous and well-groomed staff rendering professional services to guests and clients and thus making this hotel a must-go-to outfit in the city of Uyo.

3. Fair rates

Watbridge hotel Uyo offers premium services at affordable rates. No matter what you are looking for and your financial status, you don’t need to break the bank to get excellent service delivery at the hotel.

4. Leisure and more leisure!

Watbridge hotel uyo offer leisure facilities for its guests. Aside from comfy rooms, there’s a swimming pool, there are bars, music and entertainment shows etc, which deepen your level of relaxation.

5. A hub of Intellectual activity

If you love intellectual activity, you would feel at home the moment you walk into the hotel. The Ngugi wa thiongo library is there for your reading pleasure. You can buy highly sought after books at the book store. You can join the Uyo book club at the William Shakespeare room for an engaging reading session and get illuminated in intellectual discourse. Watbridge is the only hotel in Uyo that boasts of such intellectual depth and facilities that make reading fun.

6. A different clubbing experience

The Underground club gives you a whole new experience of clubbing. Explore your wild side, get into the fray, step on the floor and vibe to the beats of the Dj’s music, sip on your favourite glass of wine and let your hair down.

7. Security

Your security is guaranteed at Watbridge hotels uyo. There is round the clock protection for your life and of your properties.

8. Keep fit at the gym

There’s so much focus and attention on exercising nowadays, so if keeping fit rocks your world, the ultra-modern gym at watbridge hotels uyo is always open to meet your needs.

So what are you waiting for? Make that booking today! Watbridge hotel is the place to be!

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