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5 Reasons why you should watch the Big Brother Naija 2021 show

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“Big brother Naija 2021 is starting today!” Vicky said enthusiastically to me on the phone.

I sighed, “Oh, No! Not again!”

“Leroi, you don’t like the show?” I sensed the disappointment in her voice.

“Not that much…I watch snippets and the eviction nights but even at that, you bbn people won’t let us rest, you are always talking about it every time and posting it 24/7 on social media, forcing it down our throats! I need to take a break from social media!!” I exclaimed in righteous indignation.

“You need to watch it full time! You will like it especially this big brother naija season 6”

“Ummh…I am a mature fellow, I don’t have that kind of time to waste. Can you give me 5 reasons why I should watch a group of people live their lives on Tv and win millions of Naira at the end of 72 days?” I questioned.

“Hahahaha”, she laughed and continued, “1. The big brother show provides entertainment to viewers, millions of people tune in to get entertained and forget about their problems. The drama is engaging! It is frigging hilarious and full of suspense especially on eviction nights with Ebuka!”

“Okay, it is an escapist channel…I see” I replied.

“Yeah, 2. It is full of lessons, you get to understand human nature and psychology. You can study the characters of different housemates and learn a thing or two from them”


“3. It unites people. At each Big brother Naija season, millions of Nigerians across different tribes, religions, social classes etc, unite in support of different housemates, campaigning and voting for them”

“I see!”

“4. It is the biggest platform for any young Nigerian to showcase their talents, skills, gifting, etc. They can’t get this kind of exposure anywhere on prime time tv!”

“I agree with you!”

“5. It is a money spinner! Money is made for advertisers, brands, the production team, bloggers and most importantly the winner! Imagine someone from a humble background winning 90 million Naira this Big brother naija 2021 season!” Vicky exclaimed.

“I agree with you on that! It is a kind of poverty alleviation scheme”

“So, are you gonna watch tonight?” She asked.

“Oh, my cable subscription has expired,” I said.

“When we are done with this phone call, send me your account number, let me send you money to subscribe”

“Oh, thank you!” I exclaimed happily.

“You’re welcome, so you are watching tonight, right?” She pressed on.

“Oh, I just remembered that there is no fuel in my generator and we have not had electricity all day long” I grumbled.

“Sorry about that. I will add money for you to buy 10 litres of petrol for your generator” She informed.

“Thank you!”

“Alright, so we will talk later and…”

I quickly cut in, “Omg! My flat-screen TV has just fallen off from its hangar on the wall and has broken into three parts! Can you please send money for me to buy a new Tv so that I can watch the show?”

There was a quick dose of laughter from her and followed by a dead silence.

“Hello? Vicky are you there? Hello…” I

I stared at my phone screen.

She had long ended the call.

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