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11 reasons why you must harness the most creative period in your life

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The most creative period in your life is when you are between 17-40 years. This is the period when you can harness and bring your talent to bear in whatever field of endeavour you are into.

1. If you are a creative person and you discovered/harnessed your talent/skill/creative instinct at an early age, you will get to the peak of your field before you clock 40 years.

2. If you refuse to harness your talents in your 20s and early 30s, by the time you move into your late 30s, you may not be able to use them anymore.

3. If you check closely, you will discover that the bestseller books, the hit tracks, the big companies and firms, the great works of arts, science and commerce, the great inventions etc were/are all brought to life by young people.

4. At 40 years and above, you are looking for stability, you will become averse to taking risks. Creativity is about taking risks to bring something new to life.

5. If you can’t sing that song now that you are in your 20s, single and with lots of time on your hands, is it when you are married with kids and with family responsibilities that you will be able to hit the studio to record your songs?

6. If you can’t showcase your dancing talent now while you are still young and flexible, is it when you turn 48 years that you will start dancing?

7. If you can’t build that machine now that your mental faculty is very active and alert, when are you going to build it?

8. For most writers, your bestselling works comes when you are still young when your mind is still alert. In your late 20s, you should have enough life experiences to write a novel. Chinua Achebe wrote his signature book, “Things fall apart” at 26 years of age. He earned money from the book till the day he died and up till now if any new copy of the book is published, Chinua Achebe continues to make money.

9. Time is not on anybody’s side.

10. Hiding your talents/skills/creative abilities is a no-no in this present world. If you don’t show the world what you’ve got, another person will take your place and become celebrated.

11. Procrastination will not do you any good. If you have passion and interest in something, you will create time to engage in it. This is as simple as Abc.

So wake up today and effectively make use of the most creative period in your life

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